20 blessings counted on Thanksgiving

By Greg Dardis

Giving thanks lifts us from pressing to-dos and reveals the bigger picture. Life gets so busy that every November, as the year draws to a close, we need a reminder to pause and count our blessings. Here are 20 of mine:

  1. Loyal clients who allow us to do what we love
  2. The subtle ways my wife, Tonya, helps me, putting Post-It reminders on the bathroom mirror and syncing our iPhone calendars
  3. The perfect tie for a big day
  4. When my son Lincoln calls me his “best friend” while we’re playing catch in the backyard
  5. My daughter Kennedy’s wide eyes and rapt attention when I read her “Where The Wild Things Are” before bed
  6. Watching Tricia, our merchandise manager, interact with clients, listening so well and anticipating all their questions
  7. Hitting my head on the pillow after a hard day’s work, knowing I did work that mattered and made a difference
  8. Referrals our clients pass along because they trust us
  9. The opportunity to grow up in a small town
  10. The power of a 7 a.m. Starbucks medium French Roast
  11. Sales reps who rise early and stay up late because they believe in our product as much as I do
  12. A handwritten card from Grandma Dardis saying she’s thinking of me
  13. Getting an email from a client who chose Dardis Clothiers apparel for an important meeting and feels “like a million bucks”
  14. The smell of fabric softener
  15. Seeing a client’s logo on one of our shirts
  16. The chance to look someone in the eyes, say thanks and really mean it
  17. The silhouette of arching oaks on a chilly, early morning run – clearing my head and taking in the beauty of Eastern Iowa
  18. The feel of our cashmere topcoats
  19. A Sunday morning sermon that puts it all in perspective
  20. A call from my dad just to say hi




Happy Thanksgiving!


Editor’s note: Greg Dardis is the founder and president of Dardis Clothiers. We asked him to write this Thanksgiving reflection for our blog. A special thanks to his wife, Tonya, for sharing her photos of Greg and their kids, Lincoln and Kennedy.

5 thoughts on “20 blessings counted on Thanksgiving

  1. What a beautiful reflection! You have inspired me to come up with 20 blessings I’m grateful for this season.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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