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About Us

About Dardis

Whether training corporate executives at a Fortune 500 company, or delivering a workshop on a college campus, Dardis is in the business of building future leaders. 

Executive Training & Development

Dardis Communications

Dardis Communications is an executive training and development company focusing on presentation skills, professional image, sales skills and business writing.

Student Training & Development

Dardis Academy

Dardis Academy is a student training and development program focusing on developing students with practical skills and real world experience.

Corporate Image

Dardis Clothiers

Dardis Clothiers specializes in executive apparel, offered at the best price, distributed exclusively by fully trained clothiers in the convenience of a client's home or office or through our website. 

Why Apparel?
Dardis has been coaching executives, transforming Fortune 500 leaders and working with colleges and universities for over a decade. Every year, the Dardis team travels the globe teaching people effective communication skills and how to dress for success.  While coaching executives about appearance, the Dardis team identified three key observations about image in the workplace:

    1. Successful people have an awareness and appreciation for professional image and "looking the part".
    2. People want the best product for the least amount of money.
    3. Men really don't like to shop, but they want and need to look good.