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100% Fit Guaranteed

100% Fit Guaranteed

We provide exceptional value.

Dardis is committed to bringing value to our customers. We believe happy customers are those who get true value from our interactions. As a trusted advisor, we provide value in four ways: fit, product, price and convenience.


Unlike a typical online shopping experience, Dardis has a growing network of professional clothiers who are trained and certified in measuring and proper fit of clothing.  Our clothiers meet with clients in their home or office, take accurate measurements and ensure properly fitted garments. 


All of our merchandise is private labeled under the Dardis brand.  We spent years researching, interviewing and establishing relationships with the best manufacturers in the world.  Our objective was simple:  locate the finest product for our clients, offer it at the best possible price and eliminate the need to shop. 


By manufacturing our own clothing in bulk, we are able to save our clients money on the final product.  In addition, we've taken out the "middleman" so our clients are getting fabric straight from the mill vs. an expensive retail store.  We pass these combined savings along to our clients. As a customer, you end up with the best product for the best price.


Most men dread the shopping experience, but enjoy looking good.  In addition, many people don't have the time to shop.  That's where we come in.  Our highly trained clothiers meet with our clients in the comfort of their home or office.  Along with great fabric, we have tools like our customer profile and a tailor network that enable us to be a complete resource for our customers.